Treating Your Shed

Information On The Process Of Tanalising

Your product has been manufactured in pressure treated softwood (Scandinavian Redwood). This process is often referred to as tanalising. Tanalising involves impregnation with Tanalith E (environmentally friendly) wood preservative under controlled conditions in a vacuum pressure timber impregnation plant. When impregnated into the timber the chemicals become fixed into the timber and cannot be removed. At times the treatment leaves a green residue on the surface which will normally wear off with use. This is a feature that occurs but is not considered a blemish, the residue is not harmful.

The treatment described above gives softwood the qualities of a long service life and long term protection from fungal and insect attack.


Treating Your Shed

The Process of Tanalising and Pressure Treatment does not mean that your building will be water proof. Timber is a Natural Product and although we guarantee that your product is resistant from Rot, Fungus and Damp, we would highly recommend that you apply an oil based waterproofing treatment to make the timber watertight ESPECIALLY IF YOU ARE CONSIDERING FITTING ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES inside the structure. We are conscience during the construction and assembly of your structure that it is also important for us to help prevent water entering the building i.e. using 40kg roofing felt, silicon beading and facias although this doesn’t make the build water proof so again we reiterate whist yes expect the timber to be rot resistant but not water proof so we strongly recommend you invest in an waterproofing treatment.

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