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Your Project

Bespoke Service

All our products are Bespoke and Handmade by Nordic Timber Buildings to the Highest Specifications using Fully Tanalised, Pressure Treated Timber – Scandinavian Redwood.

Design Service

All our products can be designed and built to your individual specifications. We have years of experience in taking customer ideas and translating them into their finished products.

If you have your own ideas, please give us a call to discuss what you have in mind.

Suitable Shed Base

It is essential that all garden buildings are assembled on a firm and solid base constructed from an appropriate and durable material.

Without the correct base buildings may be very difficult to assemble and in many cases may be assembled incorrectly leading to future deterioration of the product such as doors dropping out of square and becoming difficult to open/close or water leakage.

Assembling a garden building on an incorrect base is also likely to invalidate any guarantee that your product may carry.

Please go to our Suitable Shed Base page for more Information.

Guarantee of Goods

Nordic Timber Buildings welcomes customer feedback – good or bad, to ensure we can correct any issues with your building.

In the event of a Guarantee query, please contact us by phone or email: sales@nordicimberbuildings.com while making sure to include the original order or transaction reference along with a description of the issue and pictures if possible.

We will then assess and process your claim and get in touch with you.


How Do I Place an Order?

You can place an order through our secure Website or you can also call our Sales staff to place an order over the phone.

Online Orders

When placing an order on our Website, you can buy with confidence using our Secure Checkout.

Simply start by finding the Building you want to purchase, choose from the Available Options and add them to your Basket.

While in your Basket you can Check your Order and enter your address to view your Delivery Options. After that proceed to Checkout, Fill-in all the required details, select your Payment Method and Place the Order.

Telephone Orders

For Pre-Sales enquiries or to place an order over the phone please call us on: 01384 79348

Using your Debit and Credit Card.

We accept most popular Debit and Credit Cards including Visa and MasterCard and we use WorldPay as our online payment method through the WorldPay Secure Payments Page.

After placing your order you will receive an email from Nordic Timber Buildings with your Order Details and Confirmation, and if you paid with your Debit or Credit Card you will also receive an email from WorldPay with your payment’s Receipt.

Payment Options

For more information about Payment Options for Online and Telephone Orders please go to: Payment Options >


Where do Nordic Timber Buildings deliver?

Nordic deliver to most parts of England and Wales but do have a restricted radius, to ensure we deliver to your location please call or email our friendly team.

Please Note: We do not delivery to Scotland

Is there a Delivery Fee?

Yes there is a delivery fee calculated by your location and we ask if you could please contact us prior to the sale to find out your estimated delivery fee and our current lead time.

You can also calculate your delivery fee in your Basket by clicking the ‘Calculate Delivery’ option under the Basket Totals and entering your Town / City and Postcode and clicking “UPDATE’.

How long will the Delivery take?

We are a bespoke company and all our products are Handmade, therefore, during our busy periods it may take longer to dispatch your goods.

To get an accurate delivery date you can call us on 01384 79348 with your Design and Postcode for the earliest available delivery date or send us a message via our Contact Us page.


How do I qualify for a Free Fitting Service?

Nordic do request that the following guidelines are met upon delivery for you to qualify for the free installation service:

– Your product is a DELUXE BUILDING

– There is a Solid Level Base

– Clear Unrestricted Access to Base

– No Height Restrictions: Clearance Height of 8ft High

Please Note: We do not lift over Fences, Garden Walls and Garages, nor do we carry through customers premises due to insurance regulations. If these guidelines are not met upon ordering we will reserve the right to drop off the goods without Installation of the Building / Fence and collect any outstanding balance. Failure to pay any outstanding balance Nordic Timber Buildings Team will return the goods back to our premises.

What if I don’t meet the Guidelines?

We ask that you fully understand the Terms of Sale and that the Free Installation is a completely Free Non-Portable Service offered to you only If all the guidelines are met when buying the product from Nordic Timber Buildings. Again we stress that if those guidelines aren’t met Nordic Timber Buildings do reserve the rights to drop off the goods on your premises and collect any outstanding balance.


We ask upon purchasing goods from Nordic Timber Buildings that you have full knowledge and accept the following:

Information On The Process Of Tanalising

Your product has been manufactured in pressure treated softwood (Scandinavian Redwood). This process is often referred to as tanalising. Tanalising involves impregnation with Tanalith E (environmentally friendly) wood preservative under controlled conditions in a vacuum pressure timber impregnation plant. When impregnated into the timber the chemicals become fixed into the timber and cannot be removed. At times the treatment leaves a green residue on the surface which will normally wear off with use. This is a feature that occurs but is not considered a blemish, the residue is not harmful.

The treatment described above gives softwood the qualities of a long service life and long term protection from fungal and insect attack.

The Process of Tantalising and Pressure Treatment does not mean that your building will be water proof. Timber is a Natural Product and although we guarantee that your product is resistant from Rot, Fungus and Damp, we would highly recommend that you apply an oil based waterproofing treatment to make the timber watertight ESPECIALLY IF YOU ARE CONSIDERING FITTING ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES inside the structure.

Need More Information?

Please Call Us On:

01384 79348

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