Rubber Roof

The ideal alternative to traditional felt roofing, EPDM rubber roof membrane is unmatched in terms of longevity and performance, offering 100% waterproofing over an expected lifespan of more than 50 years.

EPDM Rubber

Thickness: 1.14mm
Weight: 1.4kg per m2

EPDM Features

25 Year Warranty.
Unmatched Longevity for a Low Life Cycle cost.
Cyclical Membrane Fatigue Resistance.
Proven Hail Resistance.
High Resistance to Ozone, Weathering and Abrasion.
Flexibility in Low Temperatures.
Thermal Shock Durability.
Ultraviolet Radiation Resistance.
50-Year Life Expectancy.

Benefits of EPDM Rubber Roof

Suitable for use on Sheds, Summerhouses, Workshops and Deluxe Buildings


EPDM Offers Long Lasting Roof Protection

EPDM offers a long-lasting protection for your Shed roof with a life expectancy of more than 50 years, 25 Year Warranty and 
Unmatched Longevity for a Low Life Cycle cost. 


EPDM Delivers 100% Waterproofing

EPDM delivers 100% waterproofing performance over its expected lifespan of over five decades and requires little or no maintenance once correctly installed.


EPDM is Aesthetically Pleasing and Easy to Maintain

EPDM rubber roofing looks natural, doesn’t easily show dirt and it does not support the growth of moss unlike traditional felt systems. No stone chippings or solar reflective paint required!



Limited environmental impact during the manufacturing process and throughout use. EPDM is fully recyclable.



Unmatched resistance to Ozone, UV radiation, Hail, Weathering and Abrasion. EPDM has proven worldwide high performance in a range of locations and climates.


EPDM Has Thermal Shock Durability

EPDM is very dimensionally stable when exposed to significant changes in temperature making it very forgiving to large amounts of movement without damage.



EPDM remains flexible at extreme temperatures and maintains UV stability. Elongation over 300% to accommodate significant building movement and temperature fluctuations.


EPDM can help save energy

Research studies have found that buildings in certain climate zones can save more energy with a dark coloured EPDM roof than a white thermoplastic membrane.

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